A Day in the Life: Jean Lewis on the variety of paths STEM can offer

Jean Lewis

I have been working for the past 3 years in the role of Information Systems Manager for a manufacturer of precision jet engine parts. My job is to ensure all employees have the information necessary to manufacture products to specification and meet financial targets for profitability.

One of the aspects that I like most about my job is the variety of things I do from day to day. I coordinate the upgrade of network components, PC hardware and software upgrades for 600 users across the manufacturing and office environments, develop new solutions to improve manufacturing processes, capture and analyze process data, and improve manufacturing cost analysis. Working closely with the people that use the software I develop, gives me instant feedback and pride that the software I create is making my co-workers daily tasks faster, easier, and less prone to mistakes. It is rewarding to see the positive impact my work has on the company I work for. Sometimes the work is exciting with opportunities to learn new technologies, occasionally it is routine, but it is always changing and challenging.

The path to my current career was not a straight line. I obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering and worked in that field for about 10 years. My interest in and aptitude for computer programming led me to volunteer to lead the implementation of a new ERP software system. Studying math, science, or technology will give you a strong foundation to pursue different jobs that meet your changing interests and the constant changes in business trends.




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