Inaugural EYH Chicago Winter Held in December!

Rebecca Rasmussen

Due to the growing success of the annual spring conference, EYH Chicago added a second conference for the first time in 2019!


The new conference, EYH Chicago Winter, engaged middle school girls in an afternoon of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities on December 7 at Northwestern University, Evanston. At this inaugural conference, 67 middle school students attended, representing various neighbors in Chicago and the Chicagoland area.


The winter conference opened with a keynote by Fermilab particle physicist Dr. Jessica Esquivel. She explained that there is a lot about particle physics that is still unknown, and the students at EYH could solve those problems as future scientists. To close, Dr. Esquivel encouraged the students to remind themselves that they can do anything! Participants then attended two hands-on workshops on a variety of STEM topics. In these workshops, students solved mysteries using math, tested the properties of different materials of cups, and learned to identify chimpanzee behaviors, just to name a few of the many activities at this conference.


The EYH Chicago organizing committee would like to thank everyone who made this event possible, especially our workshop leaders, volunteers, and donors!

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