2015 Organizing Committee

Previous Committee Members
Libby Eakin’s research focuses on how small changes in an animal’s behavior can affect its risk of contracting an infectious disease.  She is currently the administrator for the Committee on Evolutionary Biology, and in her spare time she enjoys working on the house she is renovating with her family and teaching her dog new tricks.
Sarah Wanner is a Developmental Neurobiologist at the University of Chicago.  Her research focuses on understanding how neurons migrate during embryonic development.  Outside the lab, she loves to travel and spend time with her family.
Auditi Debroy is a post-doctoral fellow at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University pursuing biomarker discovery in brain tumors. She graduated with a PhD in Pharmacology from University of Illinois, Chicago for which she moved all the way from her hometown Kolkata, India. She is a strong advocate of women empowerment and is devoted to encouraging girls for higher educationand achieving excellence, specially in careers involving STEM. When she is not juggling petri-dishes and pipettes, Auditi can be found experimenting varied cuisines, traveling to new places, and learning new dance forms.
Atieh Hajirahimkhan is a PhD candidate in Medicinal Chemistry at the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Her research is mainly focused on the role of botanical dietary supplements on modulating hormonal status in women and preventing breast cancer.  Outside the lab, she is a long time mountain climber and tries to introduce the love of nature to her little son.
Lauren Tompkins is a particle physicist at the University of Chicago who divides her time between smashing protons at the Large Hadron Collider is Geneva, Switzerland and talking to the public about how fun it is to be a scientist!
Elizabeth Ketchum is a woman with many interests.  With a college degree in math and microbiology and a Master’s degree in Learning Sciences (the study of how people learn), she has applied these interests working at various museums around Chicago and other educational non-profits.
Liz Langer is a recently graduated Ph.D. student in Neurobiology at the University of Illinois Chicago.  She attended EYH as a little girl when her mother was on the planning committee in Pittsburgh and is now helping to grow the EYH community here in Chicago.  Outside of playing with her lab mice, she enjoys playing Ultimate frisbee all over the world.
Candice Lewis spent her childhood in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, and then went on to get her Ph.D. in Genetics from Penn State University.  She currently works on developing education and outreach programs in the Chemistry Departments at the University of Chicago.