2018 Organizing Committee

EYH Chicago was started in the spring of 2013 by a group of women from the Chicago STEM practitioner, educator and activist communities.  This year’s EYH is our sixth event, and we are thrilled to be introducing young women to the diverse STEM opportunities the Chicago area has to offer.

Our board members review organizational operations and provide insight and resources on event planning efforts, expanding programming, fundraising and developing community partnerships. See our board members here

EYH 2018 Organizing Committee

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Laura Manning | Co-Director
lauraLaura Manning is a Ph.D. candidate in Neurobiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies the genes and proteins that allow neurons to communicate. She loves sharing the joy and wonders of science, and EYH allows her to share this love with many different parts of her community.

Supriya K | Co-Director
supriyaSupriya is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. She studies interactions between birds and ants at low and mid-elevations in eastern Himalayas. She likes to think about ways to communicate and teach science and EYH gives her an opportunity to learn about that and promote diversity and inclusion in science.


Brian Guo | Workshop Co-Chair

brianBrian Guo is a Ph.D. candidate in Pharmacognosy (the study of natural products for medicinal and other purposes) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research focuses on new drug discovery from botanical sources, especially derived from ethnomedical knowledge. Brian supports the importance of scientific research, promotion of education, and the Chicago Cubs. He also coaches UIC’s club Ultimate Frisbee team.

Alanna Condren | Workshop Co-Chair

alannaAlanna Condren is a Florida native with a B.S. in Biochemistry from Florida State University. As a 3rd year graduate student Alanna’s research focuses on understanding the chemical communication of pathogenic bacteria and the mechanisms they use to become antibiotic drug resistant. She enjoys mentoring undergraduate students and spending time organizing outreach activities with the goal of improving science communication and inspiring people of all ages to love science, be curious, and not to be afraid to ask questions! When she is not researching she loves to play volleyball, read, cook, and host picnics and is really looking forward to being part of the EYH team!

 Katie Rhodes

katierKatie Rhodes is a PhD candidate in Human Genetics at the University of Chicago. She studies human variation in gene regulation using induced pluripotent stem cells. Katie also enjoys performing improv comedy and watching too much TV.

Priya Deshpande 

priyaPriya Deshpande is a Ph.D candidate at College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) at DePaul University. Her Major is in Computer Science and specialization in database systems. Her expertise are in the Big data analytics and Hadoop systems. Her current research focus on Medical Informatics Radiological Teaching file systems. Apart from studies she volunteers for EYH and enjoys traveling and listening music.

Holly Seiler

holyHolly is a bachelor’s candidate in Architectural Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. She is specializing in electrical and illumination. Holly works on the electrical systems and lighting design of buildings at Ghafari Associates in Chicago. In her free time, Holly enjoys reading, writing, and exploring

Parents Program


Lisa Nash | Parent Program Chair

lisaLisa Nash is a Data Scientist at IDEO in Chicago. She recently completed a PhD in Physics at the University of Chicago. In her free time, Lisa rock climbs, makes ceramics, and tries to learn to play various instruments.


 Sami Corwin| Parent Program Chair

samiSami is a PhD candidate in Neuroscience at University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies how adolescent alcohol use alters decision making in adulthood and the neural activity underlying those decisions. In her free time, Sami enjoys listening to podcasts, exploring the city, and fostering dogs.

Student Recruitment and Registration

Erin Boyle Anderson | Secretary, Student Registration Chair
erinErin Boyle Anderson is a Ph.D candidate in Developmental, Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology at the University of Chicago. Her research is on the mechanisms of fin and heart development in zebrafish embryos. In her free time, she teaches the dog new tricks and reads way too many books.

Sineadh Conway | Recruitment Chair
sineadhSineadh Conway is a Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies how the brain encodes reward and the ways drugs of abuse alter these signals to ultimately take control of behavior. When she’s not recording dopamine signaling in the lab, Sineadh enjoys going to concerts, chilling on hammocks with her co-coordinator, and eating pizza. @sineadh_c

Ashlynn Gerth | Recruitment Chair
ashlynnAshlynn Gerth is a PhD candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work focuses on the role of neurotransmitter release in the formation and maintenance of addiction. She is a dedicated advocate for STEM outreach, and mentor to both undergraduate and high school students. When off the clock, she enjoys watching hockey with her cat, Gary, and spending time outdoors.

Liga Eihentale

ligaLiga Eihentale is a senior Psychology student at the University of Illinois in Chicago. She is an undergraduate research assistant at the UIC Department of Psychology working for Ellen Herbener, Ph.D. on a study exploring Schizotypy and its effects on social emotional functioning. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and watching documentaries.


 Eliza Jacobs-Brichford | Keynote Speaker Coordinator

Eliza Jacobs-Brichford is a PhD candidate in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies the effects of adolescent drug exposure on the development of the brain. Eliza loves hanging out with her dog, listening to podcasts, and traveling.

Reem Elorbany | Lunch Activities Coordinator

reemReem Elorbany is an MSTP student at the University of Chicago. Currently in the PhD section of her training, she studies human variation in gene regulation using induced pluripotent stem cells. Outside of science, Reem fosters cats, and enjoys traveling around the world with her family.

Delphine Coursault | Facilities Coordinator

delphineDelphine Coursault is a postdoc at the University of Chicago. She has a PhD from the University Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris. Her research is at the interface between soft matter and nano-optics. In her current project, she investigates the assembly and dynamics of nano and micro particles in structured optical traps. She loves mentoring young scientists to guide and help them to fully develop their potential.

Chloe Nash | Facilities Coordinator

chloeChloe is a Ph.D. student in evolutionary biology at the University of Chicago. Her research is focused on understanding why coral reef fishes are found where they are today, and using this information to predict they will be in the future. When not in the lab, she enjoys spending time at the Field Museum, playing the pipe organ, and scuba diving in tropical places.


Dimple Modi | Volunteer Chair

dimpleDimple has a PhD in Cancer Biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She currently works as a Senior Scientist at AbbVie in their Translational Oncology and Precision Medicine Group. Apart from her day job, Dimple loves traveling, particularly exploring locations with rich history and culture across the globe.

Alyssa McRay |  Volunteer Chair

alyssaAlyssa is a neurobiology PhD candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She studies the way neuron in the mammalian brain communicate with one another. She holds a MEd in science education, and loves to teach biology to students of all ages. EYH gives Alyssa the opportunity to combine her passion for science education with the ability to give back to the Chicago community. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and exploring with her husband and very large dog.


Diedre Reitz | Food/In-Kind Donations Coordinator

diedreDiedre Reitz is a Ph.D. candidate on the Committee of Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on meiotic DNA repair and how reductional segregation of chromosomes is achieved during meiosis I. In her free time, Diedre likes to travel, cook, and spend time with her cat, Kabuki. http://voices.uchicago.edu/reitzdf/

Wendy Leonard | Grants Coordinator

wendyWendy works in Planning and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with the Forest Preserve District of Will County. She is pursuing graduate studies at Governors State University and would like to attain her Master’s in Environmental Biology. She loves mountain biking, relaxing in her hammock, and exploring new places. Her current favorite animal is the thirteen-lined ground squirrel.

Rebecca Guthrie | Treasurer

rebeccaRebecca is pursuing an M.S. in Pure Mathematics at DePaul University, with a particular interest in number theory. She also works in the Mathematical Sciences department at DePaul as a teaching assistant and a grader. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, trying new recipes, and reading science fiction books.

Hannah Whitehurst

hannahHannah is a PhD student in Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago. She studies the heritability of the microbiome in host plants. When she’s not in the lab, Hannah enjoys biking around Chicago and walking with her dog, Izzy.

Julia Chael 

juliaJulia is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. She is pursuing a major in chemistry and is interested in medical school after graduation. She also works in a lab on campus studying the impacts of gene mutations on supporting cells in the bone marrow, and how these cells can impact behaviors of leukemia. In her free time, she enjoys knitting and reading new books.


Kathleen Proudfoot | Social Media Coordinator
katieKathleen Proudfoot is a Ph. D. student in cell and molecular biology at the University of Chicago. She is interested in how cells segregate chromosomes with high fidelity in order to avoid aneuploidy, the hallmark of many genetic diseases and cancer. In addition to science, she enjoys exploring her artistic side, particularly through drawing, writing, and classical singing

Lesya Horyn | Webmaster, Student Registration Committee
screen20shot202016-12-0320at203-17-5520pmLesya Horyn is a PhD student in particle physics at the University of Chicago. She works with the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN to determine the smallest building blocks that make up the universe. She also loves podcasts, ballet, and exploring Chicago. @lesyaah

 Ana Beiriger | Newsletter Coordinator
anaAna Beiriger is a PhD candidate in developmental biology at the University of Chicago. She studies collective cell migration and is interested in how it contributes to the formation of neural circuits during early development. In her free time, she enjoys painting, backpacking, and spending time with her adorable cats.

Jane Birman | Social Media Coordinator 
janeJane is a bachelor’s candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has conducted research on thin films for biomedical devices in the AMReL Group at UIC’s Bioengineering department and has spent her summers teaching computer science to high schoolers for Girls Who Code. In her free time, Jane enjoys reading philosophical texts, attending art and music events, and biking around Chicago.

Maureen Rojsutivat | Press Kit Coordinator 
maureenMaureen Rojsutivat is a Digital Marketing Geek who forms strategic partnerships with over 50 technology and agency partners. In other words, her company pays her to make friends. In the past, she’s worked with top retailers and technology brands to optimize their marketing programs. When she’s not geeking out about marketing, Maureen loves to be an armchair detective in crime documentaries and enjoys getting her steps in when she can.

Carolyn Rojsutivat

carolynCarolyn Rojsutivat is a graduate student in Human-Computer Interaction at DePaul University. She studies how to make systems and interfaces usable by focusing on the users, their needs and requirements, and by applying human factors, ergonomics and usability knowledge and techniques. She is also a senior designer at a Fortune 500 company. Her interests include obstacle course races, documentaries, traveling and making the world a better place for everyone.

Bethanie-Michelle Statler 

bethanieBethanie is a Ph.D. student in molecular biology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studies the mechanism that allows eukaryotic cells to sense direction in response to external stimuli. Aside from conducting research, Beth also loves to travel, thrift shop, and play volleyball. She is especially passionate about inspiring young people to pursue STEM.

Committee Members


Ashley Rich

ashleyrAshley Rich is a PhD candidate in Cell & Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago. She studies how cells and tissues change their shapes during development. Outside of the lab, she enjoys long distance running, reading by Lake Michigan, and baking all kinds of sweets.

 Evann Hilt 

evannEvann Hilt is a PhD student at Loyola University Chicago in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Her work involves studying the bacteria that live in and on our bodies. In her free time, she loves to go hiking and exploring Chicago with her friends.

 Board Members

Tiffany Bumpers

tiffanyTiffany is the Recruitment Coordinator for the Urban Health Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)-College of Pharmacy. The purpose of the Urban Health Program is to recruit, retain and help to graduate traditionally underrepresented minority students into the health profession. She secured her Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Bachelors of Arts in African American Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and hopes to start a PhD program in the coming Fall with a focus in higher education administration.

Trisha Degg

trishaTrisha Degg is the Director of Talent Programs for Illinois Technology Association – a business services organization focused on helping tech companies scale. With almost 10 years of corporate recruiting, campus recruitment, and HR experience, Trisha excels at finding new ways to locate talent, and is passionate about networking.

  Young-Kee Kim

ykkYoung-Kee Kim is a Louis Block Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of Chicago. She devoted much of her research to understanding the origin of mass by studying top quarks, W bosons, and Higgs bosons. Kim was born in Korea and moved to US in 1986 for her Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester.  Her honors include Ho-Am Prize, Sloan Fellow, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science, Korea’s Science and Education Service Medal, Rochester’s Distinguished Scholar Medal, and Korea University’s Alumni Award.

Susan Levison

Susan Levison is a Graduate Program Administrator for the Committee on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology in the Molecular Biosciences Cluster at the University of Chicago. In this role, Sue guides graduate students through their journey to receive their PhD’s. A
Chicago native, Sue grew up and still lives in Rogers Park. She is honored to be on the Board of  Expanding Your Horizons. Sue loves to workout, read and run destination half marathons.

Caitlyn Mulherin

caitlynCaitlyn is very enthusiastic about the power of STEM accessibility for girls in Chicago communities. She studied chemistry for many years and is now pursuing a career in financial derivatives. Math and science have always been huge loves for Caitlyn and she loves sharing that with others through EYH.

Karina Szymulanska-Ramamurthy, PharmD / PhD

karinaKarina is a Research Scientist, currently working with the Global Product Stability Team at Baxter Healthcare. She has received her PhD in Natural Products Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her PharmD from Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland. Karina is an avid health and fitness enthusiast, when she is not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing sports, she also loves traveling and exploring foreign cultures.

Rabiah Mayas

Dr. Rabiah MayasRabiah Mayas is the Associate Director of Science in Society at Northwestern University, supporting STEM education programs and partnerships in Chicago and Evanston. Rabiah completed her Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Chicago, then spent nine years exploring her passion for science education and public engagement at Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Rabiah is a certified Emergency Medical Technician and loves hopping on a plane to almost anywhere, running (albeit slowly) and visiting family on the East and West coasts.