EYH 2022 Organizing Committee

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Lucas Beaufore | Co-Director

Lucas is a PhD student in Physics at the University of Chicago with his B.S. in engineering from Ohio State. He studies cosmic rays and has previously worked in searches for the nature of dark energy. He was a longtime participant in the FRC high school robotics organization, including multiple years mentoring an amazing women and gender minority team during his undergrad. He is looking forward to continuing to work towards greater diversity in STEM with EYH.

Mohammed Saleem | Co-Director

Mohammed Saleem is a bright, humble, and inspiring young leader who is passionate about medicine, engineering, and philosophy. Mohammed’s motive with EYH Chicago is to help combat negative stereotypes against girls interested in STEM as they believe STEM will benefit with more women in leadership. Mohammed enjoys diverse cultural experiences and learning from others through conversation. Mohammed believes in the following statement: Given a woman may carry a child for 9 months, they may definitely be a CEO of a STEM organization and do particularly well for those in their community.


Tiffany Ge | Workshop Co-Chair

Tiffany Ge is a PhD student in Biochemistry and Genetics at Northwestern University. She is investigating the molecular basis of DNA folding and chromosome organization and is excited to share her passion for science with the young women of Chicago. In her free time, Tiffany enjoys playing cello and volleyball.

Celeste Rosencrance | Workshop Co-Chair

Celeste Rosencrance is a PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at Northwestern University. Her research currently focuses on nuclear architecture and higher-order genome organization in the context of functional significance and human disease. She is a WVU alumni and former 4H leader who is passionate about helping young women discover science. Outside of the lab, Celeste enjoys playing videogames, wandering in nature, traveling, and exploring new cuisines and restaurants. 

Recruitment and Registration

Lexi | Recruitment Co-Chair

Ally | Recruitment Co-Chair

Nurselin Akbulut | Registration Chair


Daniel O’Brien | Food/Care Packages Chair

Dan is a professional musician, private instructor, and independent contractor. In his free time, he enjoys nature, reading science fiction/fantasy, learning new instruments, and writing. He also has an interest in improving the community around him through volunteer action. 

Ann Houlihan-Doyle | Food/Care Packages Committee

Ann is a Certified Public Accountant professional who believes in the power of promotion of STEM activities to young women. She attended UIC and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and her CPA thereafter.  She worked in public accounting as an auditor for 7 years, before crossing over to the private sector and becoming the Accounting Manager for a publicly traded company. Being involved in a STEM profession has brought many rewards and valuable life skills and she looks forward to teaching some of these skills to young women.


Debbie Adewale | Keynote Contact


Kaeli Hughes | Facilities Chair


Selene Clay | Volunteer Co-Chair

Selene is a PhD student in the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago. She studies the role that regulatory and protein coding variation in the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) genes play in asthma risk. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dog, creating art, and playing the piano.

Maggie Steiner | Volunteer Committee
Alexis Thornburg | Volunteer Committee


Ann Mariam Thomas | Fundraising Chair


Holly Seiler | Secretary, Annual Report

Holly Seiler is an Electrical Design Engineer at Epstein Global in Chicago. She brings her passion for art and engineering on projects around the world, designing the electrical, lighting, and fire alarm systems. She received her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology where she discovered her passion for seeing women in STEAM and women in power. Her wanderlust takes her to new cafes to write exotic places in fiction, and on as many planes as her PTO (and global pandemics) allows.

Bethanie-Michelle Statler | Social Media Coordinator, Graphics

Bethanie is a faculty fellow at Harper College in the department of biology. In her graduate studies, she studied the molecular mechanism that allows eukaryotic cells to sense direction and polarize their growth in response to external chemical stimuli. Aside from teaching biology, Beth also loves to travel, thrift shop, play volleyball, and learn new languages. She is especially passionate about inspiring young people to pursue STEM.

Rebecca Rassmussen | Website

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